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Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

Smart Mechanics of Lead Generation

Over the past year I’ve been speaking to various marketers who all for the most part have some type of responsibility to generate leads. In this series of Smart Mechanics of Lead Generation we are going to cover the 4 critical elements that every online marketer needs to get right.

1) The offer 


It all starts with the offer. What are you offering and why should people care? An offer should be content that is perceived of high value. The better you know your target market and persona the better you will know what they percieve as high value and the better your chances of creating and delivering it to them. An offer can be a whitepaper, research paper, webinar, download or coupon. Find out what your market values and deliver something useful to them.

2) Call to Action

A call to action can be text, an image or a button that clearly tells the visitor what to do to receive your offer. A call to action should link directly to the page where your visitor can opt in with their information in exchange for your offer.

3) Landing Page

A landing page unlike your other webpages should contain more information about your offer. It should clearly call out the benefits your visitor will recieve and why they should take action. A well optimized Landing Page will not have a navigation menu and should contain a form to capture the visitors information.

4) Form

Forms are crucial to incorporate into your lead generation strategy. How else are you going to collect your visitor’s information? The higher the value of the offer the more information you can ask on your form about the visitor.