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Daily Archives: May 19, 2014

Creating Irresistible offers Part 2| The Bandwagon Effect

2)      The Bandwagon Effect


bandwagon effect2


People like to be a part of groups and communities. They tend to copy other people around them (of course only the things we like or find cool) so you can use this as part of your lead generation strategy. You can do so by showing how many other people are participating or have opted in. Proof can be in the numbers so when possible let people know how many signed up, joined or are attending.


Some possible examples:


Webinars: If your last webinar was successful mention why it was a success and drop the amount of attendees if it’s a number you think stands out and you’re proud of. Another way is to mention how many people have already signed up (social proof) and entice them to join the group.


Blog Subscription: If you’ve had some success with your blog subscription sign up then tout it. When you stop by your favorite blog’s and websites take a look at their subscriber call to action and see if they mention the number of subscribers they have. This can be a great tactic to prove you are delivering high value and people want to be a part of something like that.


Conferences: You can leverage conferences in many ways. They are great to network, learn and have fun. Thousands of people flock to conferences like SXSW Interactive, INBOUND and Blog Expo. Find a conference that relates best to your area of interest and suggest people sign up to attend. You can build some seriously good relationships at these.


Just make sure your claims are true and also believable. You know the saying, it takes many months/years to build up your creditability but only a second to lose it all.