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Yearly Archives: 2016

Instant Article Traffic Increaser- Bolt Publisher

What is Bolt Publisher?

instant article traffic increaser bolt publisher

Why is Instant Article traffic increaser Bolt Publisher so great? Today, almost a BILLION people will log into Facebook and scroll down their newsfeed. One of the huge issues marketers have seen and told Facebook was how long those articles take to load on their phone. I’ve come to this point too…… I EXPECT content to load quickly, and very rarely do I wait around for it to load on my screen…especially on my phone.


You may have noticed that we have been in a mobile evolution. Observe the people around you at the store.. coffe shop…majority of people are “in” their phones.  The numbers tell us over 50% of all web traffic will come from mobile traffic…check out this report from our friends at SmartInsights. That is a MASSIVE user base engaging with your content.

OK…we can agree Mobile usage rates are exploding and maximizing the user experience is what EVERYONE is competing against from the internet marketer to Global B2B brands.

Facebook knows how to treat a mobile crowd….because they have tried and failed and tried again… and if you play right you can cash in on Facebooks latest update, INSTANT ARTICLE.

Instant Article is a mobile article distribution platform. What that means for marketer is that the content loads 10x FASTER, potentially more shares, likes and clicks than that of a regular post.

What does this mean for your business?

Instant Articles dramitically increases engagement which will result in higher ROI for blog content, audience growth  and profit all without HAVING to pay for ongoing ads or boosting posts.

So  if Instant Article is so great then what is the challenge here?

Setting up Instant Article is hard without a Developer team, see for your self what the leading social media management platform Hootsuite had to say about setting up Instant Article.

If you don’t want to ready it basically it is WAY to complicated..

With Bolt Publisher you dont need Developers, or designers, you just log into your account and your up and running, no coding, hassles or issues….. create quick and easy stunning content, video, slideshow intractive imagies, with higher organic rates, traffic and converstion…… no more to slow to load, people click and people taken to article…publish direct to Instant Article withouth having any content on blog or website, article, promo or time sensitive offer…

Watch a Demostration of Bolt Publisher below right now.




YOU CAN profit from this revolution without paid ads, see how quick and easy it is to use this plug and play software to increase your traffic,

Mobile is important for businesses, this is Facebook’s most significant contribution to mobile marketing for businesses.

Once this launch is finished….this process will be just part of your overall distribution strategy…Act Now!..30 day guratenteed.. nothing to risk…several bonses…check out details and demo to secure license today





How to Manage Instagram on Autopilot the Smart Way

What is Instamate?

Instamate is the worlds first and only (at this time) all in one Instagram cloud based web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage and monetize the most viral content on Instagram Accounts instantly to muliple accounts automatically!


Why am I showing and reviewing this?

Instagram is a powerful social platform with a sharing network of users reaching 500 Million montly active users. The platform grew by 100 Million in 1 year making it the fastest growing social network and one that can help your business make money.(information by Statista)

There is a huge opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your Instagram page as well as your website and capatilize on the most engaged social network. If you do a little research on looking at the brands who are on Instagram you’ll see all the major players like Nike and Red Bull and even The Kardashians…yes they are now included as a major “brand” name…take a look below, Kylie Jenner is selling a basic lip kit from alibaba on her Instagram

Lip kit on Instagram

What the Instamate creators did was picked a few of the top Instagram pages in their niche & started sifting through the content to find which posts have gone most viral in the past. They then saved this content and posted it on their pages and their Instagram accounts exploded with new followers.


instagram followers by Instamate

Get Instamate Acess

How do you use it?

Before the creation of Instamate, Instagram is a smart phone app and it was extremley difficult to find content, sync it to your phone, download multiple 3rd party tools to edit photos and have set an alarm to post at prime times in the hope that it will go viral, then do the same for any of your other accounts.

Instead…Imagine being able to find the most viral images in seconds, edit them with 1 click filters, copy the top #hashtags then post and schedule to ALL of your Instagram accounts directly from your web browser.

Watch the 30 Second demonstration below…….



What if you could never worry about finding content again as Instamate finds the most viral content in any niche in seconds

What if you could automate your entire months posts in seconds? Instamate is the first tool to let you not only post, but schedule updates directly to Instagram from your computer.

What if you could drive FREE organic traffic to your updates?

What if you could grow your following by the thousands and became an authority in your niche?

No better time than now to get your access to Instamate and begin building a following on Instagram. Click on the blue button below to get your access today or drop a line in the comments to let us know the process and tools you use to manage your Instagram Accounts efficiently.

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Smart Software Increases Your Revenue Per Subscriber 243%-ConnectAudience Review

This is a review of a powerful application platform  Connectaudience that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook.

connectaudience review

Fewer people are opening and clicking links in their email and Facebook Ads are costing more.What if there was a better more effective way to reach your audience?

Connect Audience is a Revolutionary Autoresponder & Facebook Retargeting System. It syncs your subscriber lists into Facebook Custom Audiences.

Many marketers complain that their email delivery rates are shrinking OR that their autoresponder has bad delivery service resulting in changing email platforms and more. Its been proven that coordinating your email lists with other types of targeted marketing works far better than just email alone.

The solution isn’t within the email box, its connecting the right message to the right prospect wherever they are….. if thats via email, on your website or now on Facebook!


What if you could make one simple change to your email marketing campaigns and boost your sales by over 50% immediatley?

Connectaudience has a seamless integration into your Facebook account to create super targeted ADs shown to  segments of your email list or to your entire email list…..your choice.

Why is this Important for you?

What if you want to retarget those who opened your email but didn’t click on a link? Or those that opened your email, clicked on your link but didn’t buy? What about those that didn’t open your email yet? ConnectAudience syncs your subscriber lists directly into a Facebook Custom Audience inside your Ads account.


Watch a demo of ConnectAudience below……


Please leave a comment below to share the ways you are retargeting your email subscribers on Facebook!

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Best SEO Plugin I Used to Rank on Page One of Google

Watch this quick video where I show you how I used the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress to rank on the first page of Google for my target keyword. SEO is critical for you to optimize correctly so that you can be sure you are giving yourself the best chance to rank your content. Save the time it takes to valiate your SEO optimization efforst and spend your time creating helpful, thoughtful and insightful content for your audience.

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Yoast’s Premium Plugin’s 

What Plugin or Tool do you use to help you optimize your content and save you time? Please comment below and share