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Instant Article Traffic Increaser- Bolt Publisher

What is Bolt Publisher?

instant article traffic increaser bolt publisher

Why is Instant Article traffic increaser Bolt Publisher so great? Today, almost a BILLION people will log into Facebook and scroll down their newsfeed. One of the huge issues marketers have seen and told Facebook was how long those articles take to load on their phone. I’ve come to this point too…… I EXPECT content to load quickly, and very rarely do I wait around for it to load on my screen…especially on my phone.


You may have noticed that we have been in a mobile evolution. Observe the people around you at the store.. coffe shop…majority of people are “in” their phones.  The numbers tell us over 50% of all web traffic will come from mobile traffic…check out this report from our friends at SmartInsights. That is a MASSIVE user base engaging with your content.

OK…we can agree Mobile usage rates are exploding and maximizing the user experience is what EVERYONE is competing against from the internet marketer to Global B2B brands.

Facebook knows how to treat a mobile crowd….because they have tried and failed and tried again… and if you play right you can cash in on Facebooks latest update, INSTANT ARTICLE.

Instant Article is a mobile article distribution platform. What that means for marketer is that the content loads 10x FASTER, potentially more shares, likes and clicks than that of a regular post.

What does this mean for your business?

Instant Articles dramitically increases engagement which will result in higher ROI for blog content, audience growth  and profit all without HAVING to pay for ongoing ads or boosting posts.

So  if Instant Article is so great then what is the challenge here?

Setting up Instant Article is hard without a Developer team, see for your self what the leading social media management platform Hootsuite had to say about setting up Instant Article.

If you don’t want to ready it basically it is WAY to complicated..

With Bolt Publisher you dont need Developers, or designers, you just log into your account and your up and running, no coding, hassles or issues….. create quick and easy stunning content, video, slideshow intractive imagies, with higher organic rates, traffic and converstion…… no more to slow to load, people click and people taken to article…publish direct to Instant Article withouth having any content on blog or website, article, promo or time sensitive offer…

Watch a Demostration of Bolt Publisher below right now.




YOU CAN profit from this revolution without paid ads, see how quick and easy it is to use this plug and play software to increase your traffic,

Mobile is important for businesses, this is Facebook’s most significant contribution to mobile marketing for businesses.

Once this launch is finished….this process will be just part of your overall distribution strategy…Act Now!..30 day guratenteed.. nothing to risk…several bonses…check out details and demo to secure license today





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What call to action phrases generate the most clicks?

How do you write your call to action phrases?

This is a question that I always ask myself and hear all the time from customers at my day job too. Bottom line: Clarity Trumps Persuasion. 

Marketers tend to fall into the creative type and this can actually HURT them when it comes to creating effective calls-to-actions. The end goal is to GET THEM TO CLICK!

Be crystal clear about what offer is in your CTA. If you are offering something specific, then be specific. “Click here for your free Consultation/Guide/Quote whatever it is tell the visitor what they can expect if they click.  If you are hosting a free webinar, say ” Register for our FREE webinar on X”.  X should clearly convey a compelling benefit for the visitor in receiving the offer.


In the below example, the call to action “start free trial” is very clear as to what you will be doing once you click. They also include an image along with clearly conveying the benefits the visitor will get by starting a free trial in the supporting text.




call to action phrase


In summary, your call to action phrases should very clear, very concise and should convey exactly what the visitor should expect. Stick with phrases that make the visitor take action and avoid being to creative with your copy…this will only add confusion which wont get you the click!

Lastly, it is always a best practice to test test test, optimize optimize optimize. Call to action phrases that work great for one website may not translate to the same results for yours. That’s why it is important to test your call to actions to understand what is working. We’ll review in later posts how you can test your calls to action.


Where should you put your CTA’s?

Your Calls to Action placement is very very important. It’s actually an element of your website that you should be testing constantly to learn what works best. In future posts I’ll discuss ways you can test this and the best tools to help you.

Back to CTA placements….Calls-to-Action’s do best “above the fold”- the space on the website that is seen by a visitor without having to scroll down.

website heatmap

According to multiple heat map analysis anything that is below the fold will only be viewed by 50% of your visitors. So any calls-to-actions that you put below the fold will have less impressions and which will result in fewer opportunities to get a click. By placing your calls-to-actions above the fold you are doubling your chances of a click and therefore increasing your chances of generating leads for your business.

Lets look at some examples of good calls-to-actions and point out a few points on what makes them good.



freshbook cta example


This is on Freshbooks’ homepage. What I like about this call-to action is that it is above the fold so right when you land on their webpage you can see it. The second component I like is that the call-to-action STICKS OUT. With the green button against the blue background your eye instantly is drawn to it. What they also do well is that they use some social proof right about it by claiming 5 million people are using their software.. This is a proven tactic we covered here and it play in really well on peoples psychology of wanting to belong.

Resume Builder

CTA example


The above call-to-action is another great example. Why?  A couple things. 1) It stands out right? With the blue background they do a great job making the call-to-action RED. This gives it a little pop and draws your eye in. 2) The call-to-action phrase is simple and to the point. CREATE RESUME pretty much sums up what your about to do if you click on the button. Lastly, they do a great job supporting the call-to-action with arrows pointing to it as well as additional suggestions about printing and downloading as well as suggesting for you to share it with your social media network.

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Calls-To- Actions|What is a Call to Action?

What is a call to action?

Call to Action or a CTA is very simply what you are telling your webpage visitor what you want them to do. When people visit your site you need to direct them to where you want them to go! Seems pretty obvious right? Well it should but if you start to look for calls-to-actions now when you are on other website’s you’ll begin to notice how wildly ignored this best practice is. Calls-to-Actions can be presented as a link, image, button or whatever else you think will help you convince your website visitor to take action.

Just like this below…..

CTA’s are the secret sauce to driving traffic to your offers. If your CTA’s suck and don’t stand out…nobody’s going click them and you won’t get any attention to the wonderful offer you have.


Where do you use CTA’s?

what is a call to action

Glad you asked, CTA’s can be and should be used on every piece of content or interaction point with your audience. Calls-to-actions can be used on product pages (non landing pages) in display ads, email, blog posts, social media, direct mail and really anywhere you think you can market your offer.

Creating Irresistible offers Part 3 | Newsjacking

You are probably well aware of the term “newsjacking” and might see it across your social media feeds or think of it as an old play in the PR playbook. Newsjacking is what happens when you leverage the day/week/months biggest current events to draw attention to your own offer.


With the evolution of social media newsjacking has been brought to a new level. Big brands and bloggers alike can now ride the wave of big current events to expose their content and offers to thousands of people who are searching for those specific keywords and hashtags. By quickly reacting to and creating something that is witty or funny and ties back to your brand or offer you can hijack some serious traffic.


For example look at how Tide played nicely to last years super bowl blackout. They do a nice job of getting the brand name out there in front of thousands of people searching for the specific keywords and hashtag searches.

Tide Newsjacking tweet


Take a look at google trends and keep an eye out on the news to give yourself a chance to quickly pivot and spin up a nicely timed newsjack  to get your brand or offer in front of an influx of potential customers and advocates.

Creating Irresistible offers Part 2| The Bandwagon Effect

2)      The Bandwagon Effect


bandwagon effect2


People like to be a part of groups and communities. They tend to copy other people around them (of course only the things we like or find cool) so you can use this as part of your lead generation strategy. You can do so by showing how many other people are participating or have opted in. Proof can be in the numbers so when possible let people know how many signed up, joined or are attending.


Some possible examples:


Webinars: If your last webinar was successful mention why it was a success and drop the amount of attendees if it’s a number you think stands out and you’re proud of. Another way is to mention how many people have already signed up (social proof) and entice them to join the group.


Blog Subscription: If you’ve had some success with your blog subscription sign up then tout it. When you stop by your favorite blog’s and websites take a look at their subscriber call to action and see if they mention the number of subscribers they have. This can be a great tactic to prove you are delivering high value and people want to be a part of something like that.


Conferences: You can leverage conferences in many ways. They are great to network, learn and have fun. Thousands of people flock to conferences like SXSW Interactive, INBOUND and Blog Expo. Find a conference that relates best to your area of interest and suggest people sign up to attend. You can build some seriously good relationships at these.


Just make sure your claims are true and also believable. You know the saying, it takes many months/years to build up your creditability but only a second to lose it all.

Creating Irresistible Offers Part 1 |Use the element of scarcity

In my last post I talked about the 4 mechanics to smart lead generation. For the next couple of day we are going to focus on the backbone of every lead generation campaign…the offer.

In order to have an effect lead generation program we must create a valuable offer. Once you create this incredible, irresistible offer there are a few things you can do in order to increase your chances of generating leads. In the coming day’s I will reveal 7 tips that will help you generate more leads for your valuable offer.

limited time offer

Today, we’ll talk about using the element of scarcity. If you look at the simple principles of supply and demand you can see that when supply goes down demand goes up. People generally want something more when there isn’t enough to go around for all. Scarcity can be a great motivator for people to take action. Essentially scarcity creates a fear of shortage which naturally causes everyone to feel a sense of urgency, which you can play right into.

Limited Time Offers

Probably the most used scarcity tactic we see as consumer’s every day. Car dealerships, furniture stores use scarcity the majority of their time on commercials we see.


Limited Quantity offers.

Studies show that this outperforms limited time offers. Why? Well because with time you know when the offer will end, yet with quantity you have no idea therefore you rush to get yours. We’ve all seen the lines during the holiday when stores open early. Stampede.


Limited Time and Limited Quantity

Limited time and quantity offers

Living Social, Groupon and other coupon sites apply this and it works great. These deals all end at a certain time which is usually counting down, and limited to a certain number of people. Just plays so nicely into our physic that we don’t stand a chance, we just can’t help ourselves.

Smart Mechanics of Lead Generation

Over the past year I’ve been speaking to various marketers who all for the most part have some type of responsibility to generate leads. In this series of Smart Mechanics of Lead Generation we are going to cover the 4 critical elements that every online marketer needs to get right.

1) The offer 


It all starts with the offer. What are you offering and why should people care? An offer should be content that is perceived of high value. The better you know your target market and persona the better you will know what they percieve as high value and the better your chances of creating and delivering it to them. An offer can be a whitepaper, research paper, webinar, download or coupon. Find out what your market values and deliver something useful to them.

2) Call to Action

A call to action can be text, an image or a button that clearly tells the visitor what to do to receive your offer. A call to action should link directly to the page where your visitor can opt in with their information in exchange for your offer.

3) Landing Page

A landing page unlike your other webpages should contain more information about your offer. It should clearly call out the benefits your visitor will recieve and why they should take action. A well optimized Landing Page will not have a navigation menu and should contain a form to capture the visitors information.

4) Form

Forms are crucial to incorporate into your lead generation strategy. How else are you going to collect your visitor’s information? The higher the value of the offer the more information you can ask on your form about the visitor.