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My ALL TIME Favorite Tools and Courses

I’ll be continually adding to this page as I experiment with the tools I use and the courses I take to better run this business.

Here’s what my Toolbox currently looks like.


Unless you want to buy an actual server, you’ll need a place to “Host” your website domain and the content you’ll be producing.

I recommend HostGator for (5) simple reasons.

  1. Dependable hosting with great support.
  2. Easy WordPress Installation.
  3. Plenty of storage and bandwidth.
  4. Easy to scale into bigger plans as your needs change
  5. Competitive pricing

Click here and try Hostgator out today!



This is the software that I use to run this site and any site I ever created. This is the “backend” of your website where you will be updating and creating your content.



This is the Theme that I use for this website. I highly recommend this theme if you are interested in growing your email list and subscribers.


I have experience using a few different email programs over the course of 7 years. Below are trusted and tried email tools to help you engage with your audience. What makes one better than the other depends on where you’re at with your business, how many contacts you have as well as your list building strategies.


Aweber was the first and most important tool that I used when I first started out. It’s easy to use, affordable and great for someone who is just starting to build out an audience list.


GetResponse was the second email tool that I used. It has a few more advanced features like A/B testing your email messaging and easy to create landing pages to drive traffic to potential subscribers.

Social Media scheduling & Management

Social Pilot– an amazing social media scheduling tool, spread your posts across all social media profiles at once.

Buffer– Schedule up to (2) days of your social media updates across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for free