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Instant Article Traffic Increaser- Bolt Publisher

What is Bolt Publisher?

instant article traffic increaser bolt publisher

Why is Instant Article traffic increaser Bolt Publisher so great? Today, almost a BILLION people will log into Facebook and scroll down their newsfeed. One of the huge issues marketers have seen and told Facebook was how long those articles take to load on their phone. I’ve come to this point too…… I EXPECT content to load quickly, and very rarely do I wait around for it to load on my screen…especially on my phone.


You may have noticed that we have been in a mobile evolution. Observe the people around you at the store.. coffe shop…majority of people are “in” their phones.  The numbers tell us over 50% of all web traffic will come from mobile traffic…check out this report from our friends at SmartInsights. That is a MASSIVE user base engaging with your content.

OK…we can agree Mobile usage rates are exploding and maximizing the user experience is what EVERYONE is competing against from the internet marketer to Global B2B brands.

Facebook knows how to treat a mobile crowd….because they have tried and failed and tried again… and if you play right you can cash in on Facebooks latest update, INSTANT ARTICLE.

Instant Article is a mobile article distribution platform. What that means for marketer is that the content loads 10x FASTER, potentially more shares, likes and clicks than that of a regular post.

What does this mean for your business?

Instant Articles dramitically increases engagement which will result in higher ROI for blog content, audience growth  and profit all without HAVING to pay for ongoing ads or boosting posts.

So  if Instant Article is so great then what is the challenge here?

Setting up Instant Article is hard without a Developer team, see for your self what the leading social media management platform Hootsuite had to say about setting up Instant Article.

If you don’t want to ready it basically it is WAY to complicated..

With Bolt Publisher you dont need Developers, or designers, you just log into your account and your up and running, no coding, hassles or issues….. create quick and easy stunning content, video, slideshow intractive imagies, with higher organic rates, traffic and converstion…… no more to slow to load, people click and people taken to article…publish direct to Instant Article withouth having any content on blog or website, article, promo or time sensitive offer…

Watch a Demostration of Bolt Publisher below right now.




YOU CAN profit from this revolution without paid ads, see how quick and easy it is to use this plug and play software to increase your traffic,

Mobile is important for businesses, this is Facebook’s most significant contribution to mobile marketing for businesses.

Once this launch is finished….this process will be just part of your overall distribution strategy…Act Now!..30 day guratenteed.. nothing to risk…several bonses…check out details and demo to secure license today