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About Me?


T Scott Connelly


Your life is your story. I never really embraced that reality after college, now over 10 years ago.

The majority of my focus was on the classroom material and getting better on the field so that I could compete.

Part of my challenge is that I grew up playing competitive youth sports, then High School sports then on to play at the collegiate level. I never knew what I wanted to do after I “hung em up”.

What ended up happening to me was not setting the course for the way I wanted life to turn out but rather getting pulled in the direction of what others want from me. Here is a GREAT Book Resource I’ve come across to help you live deliberatly and plan your life called Living Forward

Before I read that book I planned more for a tailgate party at an upcoming concert/sporting event than I did for my life….

 The “lucky ones” just seemed to know what they wanted to do with their lives and they were busy creating that experience. You can tell when you meet someone like that, there is this air about them, which I was always drawn too, partly because I envied them for experiencing so much fulfillment in their work and their lives and wanted the same for myself.

So I started to wonder about what made people become successful and what made them tick. I picked up any book at the local library I could on successful people, I started to google search on various topics of success and stumbled upon some interesting regular people who were creating a life they wanted to live.

I was hooked. I wanted to create a life where I could work on what I was genuinely interested in and somehow help other people create value in their lives and businesses. A total mindset change from trading time for a paycheck, to creating value that enhances others’ lives. I have to give credit to the popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyasaki for that initial mindset change.

I was in serious information overload, reading books, blogs, and whatever else I could get my hands on the topic of success and business.

What caught my attention was that there were these regular folks, just like me and you, who were creating their lives story, publicly through their websites and offering all sorts of tips, guides etc to helping you do the same.

I was so excited to get started in my journey to internet marketing success so I jumped right in, so I thought…..

I had no idea really how the internet worked, how to build a website, how to market the website and on and on and on….another google search with my question will sure lead me down another rabbit hole of information and a plethora of tools to help me.

My head was spinning with information overload, I started to feel the doubt and limiting beliefs of my capabilities creep in and the result of this was total INACTION.

Internet marketing is by far one of the greatest opportunities that exists today for people to start their own business. There is so much information and tools that can help you get started, improve and grow, built by people who were in your same shoes.

The result of all these resources can and does limit people’s ability to take ACTION!

There will always be a new course, a new tool and a new teacher. My aim is to help you learn from the people who are creating businesses, processes and the technologies they are using to do so.

I’ve worked and learned from some great companies, I continue to help businesses leverage technology to create positive outcomes and built up a portfolio of websites all of which has helped me become well versed with the technologies out there that can help you in your business.